Kelly Mccomas

Hi there - I'm Kelly.
Empathy, creativity, and storytelling are essential facets of my approach to crafting impactful experiences and solving the right problems. I use human-centered research and design practices to improve the lives of others and drive innovation.


I pivoted from an undergraduate degree in engineering to make a positive impact on human lives and celebrate my creativity. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Design Innovation at Northwestern University and seeking full-time roles in user research and design for January 2021.


Human-centered design is built upon a foundation of empathetic research. I am passionate about learning from the experiences of end users and never tire of hearing their stories. My toolbox is full of methods, both qualitative and quantitative, and I am always seeking new ways to synthesize my findings into insights that drive meaningful change.


My favorite thing about design is that it can't be done alone. I bring imagination, openness, and a generative mindset to a design team, supporting wild ideas and an atmosphere that celebrates even the small wins. I also strive to keep ethics, equity, and inclusivity in mind and conversation at every step of the way, as these are central facets of a truly human-centered approach.


I love working in the darkroom, reading postmodern literature, dancing to house music, and eating toast at all times of day and night. Creative exploration is essential to my happiness; I’m always making something new, from mixing music to screen-printing. On a day off, you'll find me taking a long bike ride or devouring a book or podcast - my appetite for great stories is insatiable.

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